Cargo Types.

Bulk cargo handling including; salt, ores, alloys, minerals, fertilizers, and aggregates

Bulk Cargo

For many, the name Rukert is synonymous with bulk cargo handling and for good reason. A leader in the industry since the 1921, Rukert has handled millions of tons of bulk cargo.

Salt, ores, alloys, minerals, fertilizers and aggregates - we have your solution.

Rukert’s PECO rapid-discharge, gantry crane at Pier 5 is the workhorse and focal point of our bulk facility. Put in operation in the 1980’s, its long-lived success is a testament to reinvestment and forward thinking.

Peco rapid-discharge gantry crane for bulk cargo Bulk self unloader

Our latest addition, the Liebherr LHM 500s Mobile Harbor Crane at Lazaretto B Berth, only expands our portfolio and capabilities.

Dozers, loaders, conveyors, screeners and rail siding - we have it. Outside, paved storage, covered bins and bulk warehouses - its covered.

Make Rukert the port of entry for your bulk cargo and be satisfied.